Here are some comments from participants that attended the 2010 Healthy Behaviors Conference:

The awakening of a sleeping GIANT!  At last!  Hurrah!!!!


Especially enjoyed Delaine.  She's very passionate about her work.

I enjoyed the conference.  I have come back to my employer and suggested more people to be sent.  I was inspired and motivated in my position.  I felt empowered to carry out the goals we have set for our program.  I now know I am not alone on this quest.  Although I have 8 years experience in working with children and families this is my first year as a Director to an After School Program.  I had felt very overwhelmed in the beginning.  After the Conference I have a clear picture of what an After School Program should look like.

I really did enjoy the first annual Healthy Behaviors Conference.  Not only was I able to obtain information and ideas to try in my own programs, but it also provided me with the knowledge I needed for my own personal health.  I really did sit and think, how am I going to take this back to my program and implement it, if I am not going to follow what I am providing?  I since then have made personal changes, and I am now looking for healthy alternatives and outdoor activities.  Once I get to where I need to be personally, I can dedicate 100% of myself and really believe in the programs I choose to implement.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and would attend again given the chance.

It was all great!!!   Looking forward to attending again!!  LOVED the Keynote speaker, Richard Louv!! SO much truth in his outlook on kids being nature-deficit!!!  Loved the attention to obesity rates in children.  Loved the field trip to Olivewood Gardens!!!  Everything we learned there was exceptional, informative, and eye-opening to the possibilities we can bring to after school!!!!

It was well planned and felt like just the right amount of time for sessions and overall conference.

The conference was up beat and enjoyable. I received a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I brought back to my program.

The workshops I attended were all excellent and exactly what I needed.  I look forward to hosting a Family Fitness night as well as a Healthy Cooking Night at my site.  Olivewood Gardens was a wonderful and charming surprise.  Even our trolley driver was involved and entertaining.  I appreciated hearing Gordon Jackson share his adventures with weight loss and Latin dancing, as well as Delaine Eastin's passion for our children.  Richard Louv's suggestion that we suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder resonates with me.  I honestly hope I can attend next year.

This conference really inspired me to make very positive additions and changes in my program. As soon as I came back I initiated conversations and actions to create our own garden and incorporate fruits and vegetables as essential component for our snacks, and our brand new cooking classes starting in January!!! Thank you for such a great opportunity and especially to the staff from Olivewood Garden!! It was a pleasure visiting that "MAGIC" place.

This conference was vital information for rural area sites. Everyone can benefit from this information that helps them go one step closer towards a health awareness environment.

This was such an amazing experience for our ASP team. Not only are we benefiting from the great info and resources, but we are building valuable relationships. Thank you all so much for all your hard work and dedication. We can't wait to attend the next conference.

You did a great job on organization, and content!! I would definitely attend again.